Boudoir FAQ

How much does it cost and what is included?

Your boudoir session fee of $499 ($600 for couples) covers the entire experience of your shotoshoot. This includes: the private studio rental, professional hair & makeup, access to luxury client wardrobe, complimentary champagne, the after shoot photo reveal and selection, as well as the photo shoot itself

Images & products are purchased separately in 4 different collections. Collection investments begin at $1,800. A la Carte options are available as well.

How many photos are included & can I purchase more than what’s included?

During your reveal & ordering session, we will view all of the images that were taken during your session! Depending on the collection that was picked, you will select your favorite images to purchase. Upgrading your collection or purchasing additional digital images from the A La Carte menu is always an available option as well!

Do you offer payment plans for session fees & products?

Unfortunately, I do not. However, PayPal offers a Pay in 4 option for clients if needed!

I have never done a shoot like and have no idea how to pose- What can I do to fix this?

Don't worry about a thing! It is totally normal to feel nervous before doing something like this! My job is to help ease your nerves! I will direct you in positions you are most comfortable posing in based on my experience and expertise! However, I'd advice to practice in front of a mirror! You'd be surprised at what a mirror can do! Be sure to also look at my instagram to get some pose ideas if needed as well!

IG: ChristinaMcDanielPhotography

I have some insecurities. Will you be able to cover it up?

While I include blemish removal and skin retouching in my editing process, my use of Photoshop is comparatively minimal among boudoir photographers. My main aim is not to transform your appearance but to highlight and enhance the natural beauty that is distinctly yours. I appreciate the uniqueness of features like, scars, birthmarks, and beauty marks, considering them integral to your individual and captivating charm. I am dedicated to preserving and celebrating your distinctiveness without detracting from it. With that said, If there is something you absolutely do not want displayed on your photos, I'll do my best to ensure it is visible to a minimum.

What do I wear?

Not to worry! As stated on my session fee, I have a Luxury Client wardrobe that includes lingerie & accessories indifferent styles and a variety of sizes, of that you can choose from! In addition to the wardrobe, I also offer hair and makeup with the session fee that will only help enhance your look!

Will you be posting my photos on social media or your website?

I only post photos if you give me consent! Your privacy is super important to me as well as your comfortability! Once you are ready to book, I will include a model release form with your contract for you to review & sign. The model release gives me permission to use the images & behind the scenes footage from your shoot for marketing purposes on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, my website, & printing for my physical portfolio or sample products such as albums and wall art that are shown to new clients.

How long does it take after the photo shoot to receive my images/products & how will I receive them?

Your soft proofed gallery will be revealed to you, in person, the same day as your photo shoot! This is where we will go over everything together & you will choose the images that are included with the collection you purchase! The final digital album will be delivered up to 3 weeks after the shoot has finalized.

Due to the custom nature of each order, products such as albums, wall art & print boxes, we need to allow up to 30 business days for production & an additional 5 business days for shipping!

Do you offer boudoir photo shoots with couples?

Yes I do!

Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Absolutely! We do not discriminate based on your sexual orientation, racial identity, gender identity, religious affiliation-- absolutely nothing! I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed in my space!

Do you travel?

All Boudoir Experiences take place at my studios, The French Soiree Studios (about 40 mins East from Dallas).

Due to this, I do not currently offer traveling rates.